1×10 ft Putting Green


  • ½” Thick, Light Weight, Easily Rolled Away, State-of-the-Art Putting Surface with Two Stimp Speeds (Into the Grain and Down Grain)
  • 2 Cups and Extraction Flags-You will receive 1 Regular Cup with Short Extraction Flag, and 1 High Back Cup with Short Extraction Flag (to practice extra firm putts)
  • Hole Plugs for each hole on the green. Plug up one or more, so you can choose the number of open holes at any given time.
  • Heavy Rubber End Bumpers to stop the ball
  • Hole Deepening Shim to make the hole a full 1” thick-watch your ball disappear when you drain a putt!
  • Hole Reduction Insert making the hole 2 ½” in diameter

In order to make the 3 foot wide greens,1 foot is cut off the of the 4 foot wide greens, leaving a perfect 1 foot wide putting green, that is offered at an amazing price! This 1 foot wide by 10 feet long green, has one hole on each end of the green; one into the grain (10 Stimp) and one down grain (11 Stimp). Cups and Extraction Flags included along with all of the other cool standard goodies like hole reducers, and elevating shims. This is one regular cup and one high back cup for practicing firm putts. The office is a great place for this product. If you want it shorter, it can be cut to suit.

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