6 Hole Field Set


We are dedicated to growing the game of golf, and making it easy to introduce golf instruction at schools. We are also dedicated to inexpensive, meaningful, and purposeful practice for golf teams. Physical education is now focused on life activities like golf. If learned properly at a young age, golf can be a wonderful life long activity. This set has everything you need to start and maintain a golf program at your school or at your golf course. This set is engineered for long life and use. Set up a full 6 hole course on the field outside, or even in the school gymnasium.

The 6 Hole Field Set includes:

150 BirdieBalls

12 StrikePad Plus

6 BirdieTargets

2 BirdieHoops (with 2 tape measures to play “closest to the pin”)

4 Velocity Tees

6 Tee Box Markers

1 Duffle Bag

BirdieBall “Rules of the Game” Booklet