AirLift Un-Breakable Uniform Height Tees


At BirdieBall, we are committed to making golf products that are designed to be smarter than conventional products. Our latest is the Air Lift Tee to be used with golf balls on the course. The Air Lift Tee is better than a regualr wooden golf tee for a few reasons:

They are unbreakable, unlike wooden tees, so you can use the same tee for the whole round
The AirLift Tee reduces back and side spin by staying “with” the golf ball longer.
Reducing back spin promotes distance off of the tee.
Each time you put the Air Lift Tee into the ground, it will be at the same height.
These tees are USGA conforming (as well as Royal & Ancient conforming for our friends across the pond)
A note on the ball height when using either the 2 1/2″ or 2 3/4″ inch tall tee:

The height of the ball when the tee is placed in the ground to the bottom of the holding tube is a little higher then it seems. When measuring relative to your preferred tee height you need to include the thickness of the base. So, the actual height of the tee is .100 taller 1.350” and 1.600” this makes the height to the top of the ball when teed up is 1.350” + 1.66” = 3.01” inches. The longer tee is 1.6” = 1.66” = 3.26” One common method for tee height relative to a driver face is to have the equator of the golf ball equal with the crown of the driver, this promotes hitting the golf ball on the upswing. The 2 3/4″ tee does this well for most 460 cc modern drivers. If you want it taller than 3.26”, you can certainly pull it up to your desired height. Maximum with a firm tee box is another ½”. To a maximum of 3.76” to the top of the golf ball on the larger tee.

2 tall unbreakable tees (2 3/4″ tall)
2 short unbreakable tess (2 1/2″ tall)
10 standard wooden tees


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