Big Green BirdieWedge Starter Package – Kids Starter Club w/ Training Grip + Practice Balls + Half StrikePad


Looking for a way to introduce your kids to golf? Get them into the swing of things with this awesome starter club!

The Big Green BirdieWedge Benefits

Ultra-light weight, large bottom bounce with a real-feel
Training grip helps to get hands in the proper place every time
Can be used with all types of practice golf balls & even real golf balls!
After 12 Years, BirdieBall introduces it's first kids training club. We have evaluated all of the available kids training clubs on the market. We have picked the best attributes of all of them and now introduce a training golf club designed to be used with Soft BirdieBalls, Wiffle Balls, Foam Balls, Tennis Balls, and even Real Golf Balls (at the driving range). Made strong enough to use real golf balls, this plastic training club is perfect for the backyard, gymnasium, park or open space.

Let your child go to the driving range with you and he/she can actually take a club that he/she can swing to hit real golf balls.

Having a youth sized training grip, you can be assured that your youngster starts by holding the golf club properly. The grip is described as the single most important part of a good golf swing. Designed to facilitate the strong left hand, (right hand on a left handed golfer) this grip will help with the most critical of all swing attributes, getting the club face square at impact.


Big Green BirdieWedge with training grip (available in 4 sizes)
28″ long – Ages 2-5
32″ long – Ages 5-9
36″ long – Ages 9-13
40″ long- Ages 13- adult
3 soft BirdieBalls (specifically designed for use with the Big Green BirdieWedge)
3 foam practice balls
Half StrikePad to show proper swing-path and alignment

In the video below you can watch the BirdieWedge hit a real golf ball. The only place we would suggest hitting a real golf ball is at the driving range. This demonstration illustrates the strength of this light weight training club. Notice how the club resists twisting at impact. This is important for sending even practice golf balls on the proper trajectory.


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