Most people will agree that the BirdieBall is the most amazing limited distance, long hang time, unique looking golf ball in golf. What makes BirdieBall extraordinary is the myriad of targeting options that create truly amazing events. BirdieRex is the king of the BirdieBall inflatable targeting systems. Standing nearly 20′ tall BirdieRex is the largest of the inflatable critter family. BirdieBalls go up in the air faster than a golf ball and stay in the air longer. Utilyzing the unique flight attributes of the BirdieBall, BirdieRex can be as close as 20 feet from your participants. Even the youngest of golfers can get the BirdieBall into BirdieRex’s mouth. In this web page video listings is a video showing a four year old hitting a BirdieBall into BirdieRex’s mouth. However, as you would suspect, adults enjoy BirdieRex as much as do the youngsters. Bottom line is, set BirdieRex up almost anywhere and just wait for the crowd to gather. Included with BirdieRex is the blower, 100 BirdieBalls, 4 StrikePads and a storage duffle.