Half StrikePad



The Half StrikePad has all of the benefits of the original StrikePad, but is just half the width. The original StrikePad has the swing path for both a right and left handed golfer, on either side of the pad. With the half-pad you specify whether you would like the right or left handed swing path. Every StrikePad we manufacture allows you to hit BirdieBalls anywhere. If you don’t have 40 yards of grass, you can throw the StrikePad down on pavement, concrete, the gym floor, and any other surface to be able to take golf anywhere! Even in grass, the StrikePad will prevent you from taking divots out of your lawn but still give you the feel of hitting down and through the ball. Our StrikePad also has the correct swing path drawn onto the surface, allowing you to visualize where your club should be and when.

Some of the benefits of Half StrikePad include:

It protects the ground from the club. When you hit a golf ball that only goes 40 yards, you’re usually hitting in places that were not meant for golf clubs, thereby saving lawns and parks from damage. (Taking divots in your backyard, park, school yard, or gymnasium is usually frowned upon.) The StrikePad’s camber allows you to hit down and through the ball, simulating taking a divot, but not taking an actual divot. Now you can practice anywhere, even on concrete, asphalt and dirt!
It protects the club from the ground. Sometimes the surfaces you are hitting off of are not “club friendly.” A parking lot or dirt infield can damage a club. The StrikePad solves this problem too, by forming a barrier between the club and surface below the pad.
It promotes a proper swing, by having the correct swing path printed right on the StrikePad
The friction-free surface protects your arms from the jarring abuse of hitting on range mats, as well as makes it slightly easier to get the ball into the air
The StrikePad will not slide and will stay in place.
Beginning golfers can find an easy time squaring the club, and see how the golf club should move through the hitting zone
More advanced players can use the swing path as a reinforcement of proper technique.
Advanced players can use the pad for practice as well as instruction to beginners.
The Half StrikePad is lightweight, and just 6 inches wide by 2 feet long, so easily transportable

‰How does the StrikePad Work?‰
The StrikePad is very simple. It is a cambered, flexible polymer spring. The ball is placed forward on the pad (in the area where there is a gap between the pad and the ground). Upon swinging down and through, the pad deflects downward — it simulates taking a divot. When hitting with an iron, the downward motion at impact is one of the most important aspects of the golf swing. The flex in the StrikePad allows for deflection and rebound at impact. It happens in the blink of an eye.

How does the StrikePad improve my swing?‰
The StrikePad shows the actual view of the club as it swings on the proper path. The golf swing is inside to outside motion. See It, Do It. The visual reinforcement for the golfer learning the proper swing path is amazing. You will love how it works and you will really love how it looks to the eye as you swing down and through the ball. If you are looking for the perfect golf gift for the golfer just learning how to swing the golf club, or if you are a seasoned veteran, you can never get too much positive reinforcement on the proper swing path. The proper golf swing also is down and through the ball. The StrikePad reinforces this motion because if you don’t hit down and through, then you will hit a “thin” shot which gets very little lift. You’ll see it immediately in the flight of the BirdieBall.

Product Specifics

1 Half StrikePad 24”x6” with 1 swing path illustrated on the front