Lightweight Driving Net


This is a game changer for all golf professionals. Like our Giant Driving Net, the Lightweight Driving Net is a transportable full swing driving cage. Simply plug in the blower, and you have an instant super cage for lessons or swing analysis. This driving golf net blows up in seconds and is a real attention getter. Please note that the Lightweight Driving Net is meant for use with BirdieBalls only! We cannot guarantee the net with use with regular golf balls.

This Lightweight Driving Net will not take up quite as much space as the Giant Net, but will offer the same great benefits. Great for demonstrating many sports, this all encompassing sport-net is durability tested. If you have an event where you want to be able to take full swings in a comfortable environment, then this is it.

The net is designed to be removable and has three layers of super tough netting. If you have an off-site golf event that needs to have some attention drawn to it, then this configuration will do it. The BirdieBall Air Target and Black Jack Target will fit perfectly inside of the Lightweight Driving Net for even more fun!

Package Details

Lightweight Driving Net
Electrical Blower
100 BirdieBalls
2 StrikePads
Storage Duffle Bag
Lightweight Driving Net Dimensions

Inside Dimensions: 9’ tall x 8’ wide x 18’ long
Outside Dimensions: 10’ tall x 10’ wide x 20’ long