Rake Sand Wedge



The RAKE Sand Wedge has 56° of loft combined with Dual bounce technology 20° of rail bounce and 10° of sole bounce.

This Dual Bounce Rail Design combined with On-Set Leading Edge technology provides amazing control and allows you to comb through thick or wet grass and bunker shots with more acceleration and less effort.

This patented design has a gap between the two bounces that provides an avenue for the turf, sand etc., to pass through. This feature enables more acceleration with less effort and increased spin. The Rake Sand Wedge is perfect out of bunkers, off tight/skinny lies, hard pan, thick/wet grass, flop shots, and shots requiring height or spin. All this makes it the most versatile Sand wedge on the market.

Precision cut grooves provide the perfect amount of spin on approach shots giving you more opportunities to score your best. The Rake Sand wedge features a 310g head weight and a standard length of 35.25”.

See our Self-fit chart if you are unsure of length.

*The RAKE Sand Wedge conforms to R&A and USGA Rules*


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34.25", 34.5", 34.75", 35", 35.25" – STD, 35.5", 35.75", 36", 36.25"


Graphite, Wedge Flex Steel