Siteline Putter (Standard Grip)




Both our SiteLine Putter and SiteLine Chipper utilise the unique All Square Visual Alignment set-up.

We all have different address positions, putting stokes, chipping actions, club preferences etc; consequently, setting up perfectly over the ball every time can be extremely difficult.

As a result, PNP Golf has developed an alignment set-up that shows you how to correctly align your putt or chip – EVERY TIME – with the ‘ASVA’ system.

As said, the SiteLine ‘ASVA’ set-up for both clubs, is an easy and natural process. With the sole flat on the ground, just visualise the whole point of the directional pointer (DP), on the base of the putter, through the upper Site. Do this while pointing the (DP) to your intended putting line/path. This ensures your eyes are directly over the ball and your putter face is 90° to the target point – EVERY TIME – ASVA.

The SiteLine Putter can be optionally fitted with our BIGEzy™ Counterbalanced Putter Grip which is around 3 inches longer than a traditional grip, and has a constant width measurement profile with zero tapering. This comfortable grip promotes an easy tension-free feel and has the advantage that a golfer can choose to hold the club at various positions along the grip to suit their own putting preference while maintaining the overall balance of the putter. With this grip fitted an additional 20 grams is added to the SiteLine putter head to provide a more balanced and controlled putt. Click the BIGEzy™ Grip tab below for more details.

*The Siteline Putter conforms to R&A and USGA Rules*


Additional information

Right or Left

Left Hand, Right Hand


32", 32.5", 33", 33.5", 34", 34.5" – STD, 35", 35.5", 36"


Standard Grip, BigEzy™ Counterbalance Grip


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