Telescoping Golf Club


The BirdieBall Telescoping Golf Club allows you to travel with your golf game everywhere you go. You have the choice between a 7 iron and a pitching wedge that will act just like your original club, but will have the ability to collapse in order to fit in a travel bag. The club snaps into place, and will stay in the extended position until you are ready to close it and put it away. Now you can travel with your golf clubs without the hassle of checking your giant golf bag.

The Telescoping club is just 24″ inches long when collapsed, and extends to 36” (for the 7-iron) and to 34” (for the pitching wedge). It has a regular flex steel shaft and the head uses the latest cavity-back, wide sole technology. Translation: You won’t be able to tell the difference between your regular club and the BirdieBall Telescoping Club.

Product Specifics

1 BirdieBall Telescoping Club
7 iron- 24” collapsed/36” extended
Pitching Wedge- 24” collapsed/34” extended
1 dozen BirdieBalls
**We are currently back-ordered on all right handed clubs. We are expecting to be re-stocked in 2-3 weeks, so please check back! Sorry for the inconvenience!**


All Right Handed Clubs are back-ordered. Check back soon righties!