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Choosing a Putter Length

Although there are exceptions a putter length should be fit such that the eyes of the player at address are over the ball and target line. When set up in balance you can see the line best from this vantage point and align the Point N Putt Directional Pointer more successfully.
Stand upright and measure from the middle of your palm to the floor to determine shaft length

How to determputterselectionine your shaft length

To determine the proper length for your putter measure the distance from the palm of your left hand (if you are right handed golfer) to the ground while standing upright and looking forward.

If you prefer to putt with more bend in your arm angle you can add up to 1 inch/25mm to the putter to get desired arm position.

A Point N Putt Putter has a standard length of 34.5 inches, but it can also be ordered in ½ inch increments from 33 to 35 inches.

One advantage to the Point N Putt putter is that the grip is an inch/25mm longer than the standard grip and is less tapered, so you have more grip to find the most comfortable hand placement for your stroke.