Driving Range Game – 1 Booklet


The Driving Range Game

Perfect for the golf practice facility, the Driving Range Golf Game is the perfect gift to play a round of golf on the range!

Instructions to Play:

-Purchase a bucket of balls at the driving range. -Pick a course you would like to play a round of golf on the Driving Range Game (If you don’t have one in mind, we provide one in the booklet)

-By Filling the specially designed scorecard in the Driving Range Game, you hit the shots you need to play for each hole. Recording your long shots for each hole helps maintain your data.

-Move onto the practice putting green after you completed all the long shots shots. Using one golf ball, complete what is necessary to complete each hole called “Playing the Short Game Shots”.

-In the recorded diary os the data from the long shots made on the driving range, you will know what shots are needed to finish eash hole for a score.

-Using one golf ball helps to create a “real golf” experience. Finish by chipping, putting, and marking your shots down on the scorecard.

-Tally your score on the scorecard for your practice Driving Range Game.

THAT’S IT! It’s Fun! It’s making practicing more efficient and effective!
Golf doesn’t have to take 4 to 5 hours anymore!
Enjoy a full round of golf for just pennies! Shop at GolfVerified.com.”


Driving Range Game


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