GoGolf GPS


In this world of overly complicated expensive electronics that have found their way into the golfing community with an array of devices that were not only hard to use, but also hard to see and in some instances inconvenient to carry, there was a need for a simple product that would not only “tell” you what you wanted but was small and light weight at a fraction of the cost. This is why GoGolfGPS was created…and made in America.

GoGolf GPS will audibly give you the distances you want (and in most languages) even when you are in an adjacent fairway and works with any Bluetooth compatible device.

Best of all, GoGolf is convenient and easy to use:

  • Clip GoGolf GPS to your glasses, visor, or cap!
  • GoGolf is wireless and audible… no need to look at your phone display
  • No more guessing… just tap the side of GoGolf GPS for exact distance to the center of the green
  • Improves your score and will not disturb others
  • Over 30,000 courses supported and in most languages

*Product ships Spring 2017

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