Siteline Putter


Our Siteline Putter utilizes the unique All Square Visual Alignment. Which ensures your eyes are directly over the ball and your putter face is 90° to the target direction – EVERY TIME.

We all have different address positions, putting stokes, chipping actions, club preferences etc; consequently, setting up perfectly over the ball every time can be extremely difficult.

As a result, PNP Golf has developed an alignment set-up that shows you how to correctly align your putt or chip – EVERY TIME – with the ‘ASVA’ system.

Both Siteline clubs are unique, specific purpose, alignment clubs in their own right. There is, a distinct advantage in using the Siteline Putter in tandem with the Siteline Chipper as they have the same ASVA, stroke feel and balance. This sequence will then develop into a repeatable muscle memory, confidence boosting procedure.

*The Siteline putter conforms to USGA Rules*


Additional information

Right or Left

Left Hand, Right Hand


32", 32.5", 33", 33.5", 34", 34.5" – STD, 35", 35.5", 36"


Standard Grip, BigEzy™ Counterbalance Grip


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