Velocity Tee


“Can you use a driver with the BirdieBall?” The answer is absolutely! The BirdieBall Velocity Tee, sets the BirdieBall in a perfect position for a driver or fairway wood, so you can practice your drives at home or in the park. Each package of Velocity Tees comes with 2 tees; one larger tee to be used with a driver, and one smaller tee to be used with a 3-wood.

Simply place the Velocity Tee on a flat surface. Place the BirdieBall on the tee so that the trailing edge (the edge you hit) is hanging slightly off of the end of the tee. Align yourself so that the low end of the tee is pointed toward the target line and the high end of the tee is holding your BirdieBall at the proper height. Now CRUSH it! You will not believe the sound that it makes as it explodes off of the tee with the same ball speed as a real golf ball.

Product Specifics

2 Velocity Tees (1 for drivers, 1 for fairway woods) packaged with a single BirdieBall


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